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Tools to manage and learn from data and gain actionable insights.

Rinolab is for researchers, R&D teams and labs.
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Add context to your data

Adding context such as parameters, metadata, discussion and insights from team, means that you can deduce more and generate more results.

Rinolab integrates with various systems to record parameters with datasets, so everything that happened in a data process is saved.

With tools to connect and collaborate all insights and all processes from team members for results are contained in one, searchable place.

Using algorithms that learn from your data, Rinolab allows patters, hidden insights, trends and anomalies to be found and revealed.

Powerful search

By querying parameters and tags saved you can find the exact data or notes you want, instantly.

File system
Files are also saved in a conventional file layout, so you can save and search in folders.

Fuzzy searching
You can also make loose queries or use wildcards where you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.

Integrated note taking

Reference files, folders and collections and search results from your notes. With markdown, or rich text-editor, you can embed search results, tables, graphs and equations.

Your team can comment on notebooks, allowing feedback to be gathered and coordinated in one place.

Notes can be imported or exported to various editing or Word packages for further elaboration.

Coordinated approach

All data and all insights gathered by you and team around that data is synced, secured and saved; It is time stamped and versioned so that all are working on latest.

All data and access is secured with comprehensive admin rules which dictate who can access files, who can read only, who’s invited to collaborate.

All IP stays with the project. Someone leaves, their insights stay. Someone joins and they are immediately brought up to speed on the project.

Key features

Allows scientists, engineers and R&D teams interact with data generated from experiments, simulations and intelligent devices.


Sync, store, interact, securely across devices.


Auto-look for patterns and reveal more discoveries.


Embedded full function note-taking adds context to data.


Collaborate, share, discuss and debate findings.


Verifiable results that can be stood over for peer review.


All activities recorded and auditable for management and funders.

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