Deeper discovery_

Make possible deeper discovery by collaboration and machine learning.


Seamlessly and securely take data from any lab source, in any format, and enrich it with software and machine learning solutions that result in better data access, better decisions, and reduced operational costs.

Funding agencies

Scientific facilities, R&D labs and funders invest to generate, optimise and preserve data – looking for more results that can be verified and reproduced.

Auditable processes

Our toolset helps enrich data, standardise workflows, optimise teamwork and ensures auditable and verifiable data/processes that can be measured.

Confirming results

Delivering a scalable solution for effective management of large data volumes enabled by automation, secure data hubs, collaborative working and machine learning.

Summary features

Massive scalability

Adapt and grow without needing to constantly reinvest.

Flexible Deployment

Store, manage and analyse data in a secure environment.

Regulatory requirement

Ensure data compliance and governance.

Data workflow

Automated data workflows that reduce manual processes freeing up human resources to do meaningful work.

Machine learning

Machine learning that looks and learns for trends and anomalies revealing more insights and findings.

Share insights

Multiple facilities to share data, and add many insights so that data is being enriched layer by layer.

Time stamping

Data versioning, time-stamping and syncing across platforms so that everyone on the project is on the same page.

Rich metadata

Rich metadata and search allows data to be examined in a meaningful way allowing correlations between data.

Data ownership

Data ownership that is inviolate and storage/ database that is only accessible by data owner.

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