Enriching data

Powering deeper discovery and reproducible results.

Data workflow

Automated data workflows that reduce manual processes freeing up human resources to do meaningful research.

Notes and commenting

Embedded note taking and commenting functionality, that shares the wisdom of many in one place, leading to more discoveries.

Share insights

Multiple facilities to share data, and add many insights so that data is being enriched layer by layer.

Versioning and sync

Data versioning, time-stamping and syncing across platforms so everyone’s singing off the same hymn sheet.


Secure, encrypted cloud, private cloud and on site versions of the platform to suit different data management and storage protocols.

Compliance facilitation

Standards and compliance facilitation that allows data to be verified, shared and reproduced as well as KPIs to be monitored and return on investment measured.

Rich metadata

Rich metadata and search facilities that allows data to be searched and examined in a meaningful way allowing correlations between data items facilitating deeper discoveries.

Data ownership

Data ownership that is inviolate and storage and database that is not accessible by anyone except the owner of the data.

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