Story so far

Rinolab is a set of software tools that allows you to ingest data from any source in any format, interact with it, learn from it and enrich it to unlock insights and discoveries. Rinolab is owned by Rinocloud Ltd, a company registered in the Republic of Ireland with offices in Cambridge and Shenzhen. Our founders and investors are from Europe, the US and China. Our management team is made up of scientists and engineers with experience in software, sensors, AI, optofluidic research, fintech, greentech, travel, healthcare: We’ve all lived with the pain of poor data management so we decided to build an end to end COTS data management solution that works!

2015 – It started with water

In mid 2015 researchers from University of Cambridge, Cork Institute of Technology and Granada University were conducting Eu funded research into the use of glass microchips with Raman Spectroscopy to identify contaminants in water in real time. We had access to the best of resources; a photonics lab, a level three bio lab, access to an engineering lab…the best equipment and software money could buy and top level researchers, engineers and AI developers in three countries.

We were generating copious amounts of data and were initially managing this data using memory sticks, local drives, dumb cloud storage and email.

We started looking for ‘off the shelf’ data management to help us better understand the data and results we were generating.

Despite an exhaustive search, we could not find suitable data management solutions. We found LIMS software and ELNS but nothing that would allow us to explicitly interact with our data and share insights across multi disciplinary teams generating different data formats from many sources located in different countries.


2016 – Minimum viable product

We bootstrapped and then raised some angel financing and started building a minimum viable product. We interviewed hundreds of researchers from different disciplines in labs and research institutes all over the world.


2016 – Startup of the week

Silicon Republic
Our efforts started to be picked up by the press. “Our start-up of the week is Rinocloud, a Cambridge start-up behind a technology that  makes it easy for teams to work on data.”


2016 – MVP to COTS product

Nearly everyone we talked to looked for access to the MVP. They brought in team members. They referred it to colleagues and other groups.

Team leads, principal investigators, Professors, Heads of departments, engineers and developers started looking for access.

Then robotics engineers, AI experts, automotive execs, food technologists – heavy users and generators of data – began to join, and give feedback

We had a story to tell and we needed resources to turn the story into reality. We met investors who shared our vision. These investors, like our users, spanned the globe because the problem of data management resonated wherever data was being generated.

2017 – Investment secured

We secured investment from European, American and Chinese investors.

Today we’re focused on delivering our vision of an integrated set of software tools designed for users to explicitly interact and enrich their data to give better results – workflow, results, ROI.



Global footprint

“Rinocloud, whose systems allow scientists and researchers to structure their data, signed a memo promising co-operation on artificial intelligence with Shenzhen Intebridge Technology Incubation.”


A great team developing

“Tech entreprenuer teams up with academics at Cambridge University [to create the business] which has developed a data hub for scientific researchers. The start-up was only established earlier this year but has already secured €1.2m in seed funding”


A special thank you

Thank you to all of our early beta users from University of Cambridge, Oxford University, Cork Institute of Technology, Tyndall National Research Institute, UCLA, Granada University, University of Cape Town, Osaka University, Fudan University, University of Luebeck, Trinity College Dublin. We wouldn’t be here with the product we have without your input and feedback. On your behalf we are ending this narrative by making a donation to a great cause – one that’s close to our hearts.


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