Enriching data_

Software tools to interact with, learn from and enrich data ingested from any source in any format.


For individuals


For teams


Enterprise wide


Data optimised

Putting the data manager at the centre of the data journey.

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Enriching data

Helping power deeper discovery and reproducible results.

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About Rinolab

Unlocking insights and enabling more learning from data.

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Work on data generated from multiple sources with different formats unlocking insights and learning.


Build richer data learning and context and create more collaborative opportunities for deeper discoveries.


Analyse, visualise and validate to ensure that data confirming results is sacrosanct and reproducible.


Run deep learning processes to spot trends, anomalies and unlock even deeper insights and learning


Look at data in detail and in summary in ways that are productive and meaningful.


From ingestion to presentation all data processes are validated and secured for future verification.

For individuals/teams

Rinolab was developed to free users from manual data processes, make data easier to store and query, and ultimately lead to more learning, more efficient and more reproducible results.

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Enterprise wide

Efficient data analysis depends on fast and accurate data processing. However, the volume of data being produced increasingly overwhelms. Rinolab automates data workflow from ingestion to analysis and everything in between.

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